Dr. David Gerber - Gynecologist

A leading Gynecology surgeon, Dr. David Gerber, MD,MHSc, FRCS(C), has been a gynecologist since 1997. Dr. Gerber is a member of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada.

He has vast knowledge and experience in minimally invasive surgery, colposcopy, labiaplasty, labia reduction and emergency gynecology.

Dr. David Gerber has expertise in processes for fibroids, heavy vaginal bleeding, vulva disease, and precancerous lesions of the vulva, vagina, and cervix (abnormal pap tests). He has successfully developed a micro-surgical technique for labia reduction surgery.

Dr. Gerber and his registered nurses explain everything before any treatment and ultrasounds. There are protocols and annotated consent forms that we use as routine.

Dr. David Gerber performs everything in his clinic with minimal wait times. The consultation, examinations, ultrasounds and procedures can be done together when required so that urgent problems are diagnosed and treated quickly. This avoids multiple visits to other clinics for ultrasounds and other ancillary appointments.  

Dr. Gerber and his staff treat all patients with dignity and respect.

Meridia Medical is a Gynecology clinic established 15 years ago. We have developed expertise in Gynecology procedures that can safely be done in a clinic setting. We perform procedures that don’t require General Anesthetic, and have become a referral center for other Gynecologists, Emergency Room Physicians and Family Doctors.

Our team is caring, conscientious and helpful. We are proud of the service we provide. There is no other clinic we know of in Canada that offers the variety of services we do. We help many women be it diagnosing cancer, doing procedures to help with fertility, pregnancy loss, bleeding problems, managing pain or other Gynecology concerns. It is wonderful that any women can come into our clinic, no matter what language she speaks, where she lives or who she is. Everyone gets the same excellent care.

Who is a Gynecologist?

Gynecology is the medical practice dealing with the health of the female reproductive system (vagina, uterus, and ovaries). It is a complex process owing to different issues such as the anatomy incorporated, past experiences, of pre-cancer or cancer, not being able to be pregnant, and so on.

Your gynecologist is the person you will visit you for annual exams and deal with a major percentage of your healthcare. This is something not to be compromised.

Certain Vital points to be considered while choosing your gynaecologist.

Well recommended – You can ask for recommendations from the people you trust. Focus on the doctor’s skills, experience, and behaviour. Check the credentials of your gynecologist.

Comfortable – Your gynecologist will perform your gynecology exam and also may ask you some personal questions about the health of your reproductive system. Make sure you are comfortable during this session. Make sure they provide the utmost care and always available.

Affiliated with a clinic – Naturally, you will visit your gynaecologist’s clinic for any tests or treatments. Make sure this place is highly maintained and hygienic.

Good reviews – You can check out their reviews and ratings on different sites. It will show the feedbacks of their existing clients. However, one or two negative reviews among many good ones are probably nothing to bother about.

During COVID we will especially see patients onsite for:

• Heavy/abnormal PV bleeding, Postmenopausal bleeding etc.
• High Grade cervical dysplasia
• Vulva Colposcopy for concerning lesions.
• Miscarriages: Incomplete, Missed abortions and RPOC etc.
• Worrying concerns/lesions that cannot be diagnosed nor managed virtually.